It will allow you to search, navigate, and play on Youtube.

YouTube on the web, there was the last big update of autoplay controls that allow you to move inside the video player. Now, is getting voice search for hands-free navigation commands and see take fast lookup around the web portal. Depending on the theme, the microphone icon is located to the right of the search field in white/gray color.

On starting use, need to give permission to the microphone. A while later, once you tap overlays, a box from the top of the display shows you the notification “Listening…” and gives users an invitation to speak their question. Also, if you’re currently watching a video, it will automatically be paused while the microphone will look for the voice.

At the bottom of the screen, another microphone is available that you can tap to disable or restart the speech-to-text feature temporarily. This interface is similar to the voice search experience available on smartphones, including iOS and Android. Before the page goes to or shows you the search results page, your query’s transcription or record has appeared.

You can see that YouTube is smart enough to perceive common language commands; for example, if you record on voice search that shows me videos of dogs, it will then search videos of dogs and show results accordingly. It’s an extraordinary addition as a hands-free lean-back experience and for accessibility.

This feature isn’t restricted to simply looking, and one can use it to explore parts of the UI like – “What’s new from my subscriptions,” “Show my watch history,” “Show me my subscriptions,” “Show me my library” or anything else.

With your voice on, the same feature additionally joins the ability to search while Google Docs has dictation availability. Voice in Google’s first-party apps on the web is not as broadly available as on Android. 

“Show me the most recent recordings from [channel]” likewise attempts to straightforwardly begin playback and is ideal for rapidly beginning music. To directly start the playback, you can use the command “Show me the latest videos from [channel name],” and its ideal to start music quickly.

Starting today, YouTube voice commands are generally rolling out on the web for each user either signed-in or signed-out.